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Jan 16

Coming Out of the Tardis (Pt. 3)

The Tale of a Sci-Fi Soldier My battle buddies don’t ask, and I don’t tell.  It’s an uncomfortable situation, but it’s worked out so far.  Unfortunately, most people in my unit will never know the “real” me. Other Soldiers may know that I don’t like to drink Monster energy drinks, but would rather drink tea (well, …

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Oct 31

Nanowrimo: The write thing…


Do you have a great idea for a book, but have a hard time writing one? Do you have a friend or family member that writes, but just can’t seem to finish what they start? November is National Novel Writing Month!

You can write a book. And you can do it in a month. I know you can…

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Mar 13

The Fighting Writing…Fish?

The Origins of the Fighting Writing Fish… The following was one of the very first posts I made on the Two Kinds Story Board.  You can find the original thread here. ButterBall wrote: I guess the Story Board ain’t what it used to be. Well, having just arrived on the scene here, and not knowing …

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Mar 08

Advice to young writers…

As promised, here is another snippet from my many forum posts.  You can view the original here.  The following was some advice I posted for a young 18-year-old writer who was having difficulty finding other writers to join his circle… First off MC, let me start this post with a few words of praise. If what …

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Mar 03

The Writing Circle (Writers writing about…writing?)

The following is an edited post that I originally published last year.  It’s the first of several I’ll be sharing with you.  They are all from the writing forum of a web-comic that I was reading during my deployment to Iraq.  As my blog focuses primarily on writing, I thought it might be a good idea …

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