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Mar 02

Find out about the Unbook…

Here’s another guest post I’ve written on the Modern Mythology website.  Check it out!   Related posts:A Nifty Tool For Your Transmedia Storytelling ToolboxComing Out of the Tardis (Pt. 3)I’m guest posting!

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Feb 07

I’m guest posting!

Hello everyone!  Big news…I’m guest posting on another blog: Modern Mythology!  Head on over to check out my continuing series, “The Story of a Transmedia Revolution” (part one and part two are already posted).  In a month, I’ll be reposting them here.  But if you can’t wait, head over to Modern Mythology today! What is Modern Mythology? …

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Jan 16

Coming Out of the Tardis (Pt. 3)

The Tale of a Sci-Fi Soldier My battle buddies don’t ask, and I don’t tell.  It’s an uncomfortable situation, but it’s worked out so far.  Unfortunately, most people in my unit will never know the “real” me. Other Soldiers may know that I don’t like to drink Monster energy drinks, but would rather drink tea (well, …

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Aug 11

A Nifty Tool For Your Transmedia Storytelling Toolbox

Bring your Photos and Text to Life! Images are nice, but they can't always tell a whole story–even comics need word bubbles.  And too much text is hard for today's easily distracted media saturated audience to pay attention to. So what can you do? Enter Prezi…   WRITER:  "You got your images on my text!" ARTIST:  …

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Aug 05

Harry Potter and the Transmedia Pot-of-More…

Just when you thought Harry Potter had taken his final bow, it turns out he's coming back on the screen–but not in a theater…on your computer! A new website has been launched that offers another glimpse into the world of muggles and Death Eaters.  The website is called Pottermore, and in addition to offering visitors the only …

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