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Jan 16

Coming Out of the Tardis (Pt. 3)

The Tale of a Sci-Fi Soldier My battle buddies don’t ask, and I don’t tell.  It’s an uncomfortable situation, but it’s worked out so far.  Unfortunately, most people in my unit will never know the “real” me. Other Soldiers may know that I don’t like to drink Monster energy drinks, but would rather drink tea (well, …

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Feb 28

Banging on the Walls of the Fantastic: (But no one’s home…)

  I just finished reading a fascinating blog post on the morality (or immorality) of contemporary Fantasy literature–and its perceived decline. Heady stuff here (make sure you visit all the links to get a full picture). Apparently, this discussion/argument has gone on for a while. And unfortunately, like most religious and political debates, it seems …

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