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May 29

Experiments in Self Publishing…

Image by Lord Dane via Flickr "Go it alone?  Or have a big publisher cover your back?" (And pray they don't shoot you…) Self publishing with e-books, or Print On Demand (POD) is all the rage now.  And there are even stranger experiments in self-publishing, like this one:  The Book | Cory Doctorow – With …

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Jan 25

Writers! Help prevent imagination dehydration… send a Soldier a book.

To give Soldiers your books!   But don’t worry about mailing them. Many Soldiers have computers and e-readers now. With no out-of-pocket expense to you (except royalties, of course), you can make your e-books available to deployed Soldiers around the world. Now you can support your troops, and gain a new and dedicated fan base …

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