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Apr 12

I’m not dead yet…

Yes, I know it’s been a few weeks…but I haven’t forgotten about you my loyal readers! I’ve just been crazy busy at work. Last week I worked seven days, and the week before I worked six. For me, a weekend is coming into work in civvies. ; ) I’ve got over 14 posts in a …

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Mar 20

The Powerpoint Ranger

"Deadly Double-Clicker"

It’s an Army thing: I’ll try to help you understand… Just like any sociocultural group, the military is full of misconceptions and stereotypes. Don’t scoff, you’ve got them too… Though you won’t see articles about it in your local paper, there exists more than one kind of, “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy in the military. I’ve …

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Mar 15

Kindle Subscriber Update…

For those who have been reading my blog on your Kindles (or those who just found out it was even avalible on Amazon), I’ve been updating my feed settings on the blog. Unfortunatly, some of them aren’t talking well with Kindles. I hope to have the problem resolved in the next few days… Just wanted …

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Mar 13

The Fighting Writing…Fish?

The Origins of the Fighting Writing Fish… The following was one of the very first posts I made on the Two Kinds Story Board.  You can find the original thread here. ButterBall wrote: I guess the Story Board ain’t what it used to be. Well, having just arrived on the scene here, and not knowing …

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Mar 08

Advice to young writers…

As promised, here is another snippet from my many forum posts.  You can view the original here.  The following was some advice I posted for a young 18-year-old writer who was having difficulty finding other writers to join his circle… First off MC, let me start this post with a few words of praise. If what …

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