Feb 07

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I’m guest posting!

Hello everyone!  Big news…I’m guest posting on another blog: Modern Mythology!  Head on over to check out my continuing series, “The Story of a Transmedia Revolution” (part one and part two are already posted).  In a month, I’ll be reposting them here.  But if you can’t wait, head over to Modern Mythology today!

What is Modern Mythology?

Managed by James Curcio, the Modern Mythology site is an open nexus for discussion and analysis, on the part of people who are actively engaged in studying and creating modern myths. Though several contributors have advanced degrees, we make no assumption that someone needs a PhD to be actively engaged in this work. In fact, many of the myths of 20th century academia—including the idea of a hard line between one discipline and the next—seem to pose a limitation that individuals need to overcome if they want to actively participate.
Present contributors are engaged in a wide range of work outside of this project: they are film-makers, published authors, they are doing advanced linguistic analysis for behavioral software, they work for ad agencies. It is our belief that the more diverse the pool of contributors, the more unique and relevant the end result will be. As a result our analysis will cross and incorporate many supposedly disparate disciplines: art, writing, linguistics, philosophy, anthropology, systems theory, psychology, film.
It is our hope that this project can continue to enter classrooms as well as people’s homes through the internet, and that it continues to be an open platform for the discussion and dissemination of original, forward-thinking work.
We welcome you to join the conversation, or simply follow along, as many thousands of people have done this year.

–From the Modern Mythology Website 

If you like my blog posts, I’m sure you’ll find tons more from the other authors there that suit your fancy.  And while you’re visiting, make sure to google 1+ and facebook “like” my posts so that the readers at Modern Mythology know they’re interesting reads.


-Peter Usagi

The Modern Mythology Website

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