Dec 05

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Cosplay in Korea (Part III)

Crossplay: Boldly Going Where No Cosplayer Has Gone Before…

Crossplay Trek
Captain Kirk, Spock, and the rest of the crew pose for photos after yet another transporter accident. (Image by Edwick via Flicker)

This is part three in my continuing study of Korean Cosplay.  (For those of you stopping by for the first time, check out Cosplay in Korea Part I and Part II.)

This final installment of my Cosplay in Korea series explores the phenomenon of "Cross-Play," additional differences between Korean Cosplay and American, and a few amusing convention stories.

While there isn't anything overtly Not Safe For Work (NSFW), the topics discussed might get you a few odd glances if you aren't wearing headphones.  As usual, if you are a Cosplayer (or Crossplayer) I'd love to hear your input on how these pastimes are different, or similar in other countries.

What is Cross-play?  Check out the vlog below…



What do you think about cosplaying?  How about cross-playing?  As long as you keep it civil, feel free to comment below.




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