Nov 12

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Cosplay In Korea

Recently, I got the chance to go to a Korean comic convention in Seoul.  And while I was there, I noticed a number of similarities to the conventions in the United States.  There were also a number of differences:

  • Even though there were just as many people, it wasn't as loud
  • Although people were nice, they didn't talk to each other
  • Almost everyone was in a costume, or taking photos with professional equipment
  • Unlike US conventions, where 2/3 of the attendees were male and 1/3 female, in Korea it was the exact opposite:  2/3 female to 1/3 male

There was also a significant difference in the kinds and quality of the costumes people were wearing.  They were much more detailed, and there were no American comic book heroes.

As luck would have it, I ran into an American cosplayer who shared his thoughts on Korean cosplay.  Naturally, he was in costume…as the Scout from Team Fortress 2.  If you don't know who (or what) that is, check out this video:  Meet the scout


I also got a chance to interview some Koreans and a few more Americans.  I''ll be posting some of those in the next few weeks.  Have you gone to comic conventions in other countries?  Have you cosplayed far from home?  How are things different?  How are they similar?

Post your experiences below…

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