Jan 17

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An American Otaku in…Korea?

Yep. I’m in Korea now. Sorry about missing a post last week, but Internet access out here has been kinda spotty. I hope to have that resolved in the next few weeks though.

But stay tuned!

Just because I can’t post regularly doesn’t mean I’ve stopped. Hardly! I’ve got more than a half dozen posts I’m in the process of finishing. Among them are:

• Ways creative professionals can leverage the many mysterious tools Amazon has available to them (hidden away from prying web browsers)

• Part 2 & 3 of “Coming out of the Tardis”

• How to get a “book life”

• The Writer’s Toolbox: outstanding software, techniques, and tips to sharpen your storytelling skills and vanquish writers block

So don’t be a stranger and check in every now and then.

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